I wish to pay a special tribute to Dr Herbert Wuttke for so generously reading out aloud to me, in German, the original eighteenth century, handwritten, Gothic scripted documents I found in the Geheimes Staats Archiv (the Secret State Archiv), in Dahlem, Berlin. Herbert was born in Frankfurt on the Oder River on 26 September 1908, not far from Kunersdorf where Frederick the Great suffered one of his most devestating defeats. Though Herbert was eighty-six years old when I met him his mind was still as sharp as a tack.

I also wish to thank all those hard working historians who left behind such a rich tapestry of life as it was in seventeenth and eighteenth century Brandenburg-Prussia and Brunswick-Lüneburg. I am especially indebted to: 

(1) G.B.Volz for collecting many Government and personal records of Frederick von der Trenck;

(2) Count Lehndorff for his meticulously kept diary of his thirty years at the Berlin Court in the mid-1700s;

(3) Charlotte Pangels for her masterwork on the Hohenzollern siblings;

(4) Ruth Jordan for her stirring work on Sophie Dorothea of Brunswick-Lüneburg-Celle and Count Königsmark;

(5) Robert Asprey for his classic book on the mighty King Friedrich the Great;

(6) Frederick Benninghoven et al., for the wonderfully presented Friedrich der Große.

I wholeheartedly recommend these authors’ works for those who wish to read further.


I wish to thank the many people in the libraries and archives I visited or contacted for their generosity in helping me. During my travels they were the ones who helped me get back on track. In particular I wish to thank the following:

(1) in Germany—Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Unter den Linden, especially Frau Marianne Caspar, Jutta Schöffel and Katherina Fischer; Evangelisches Zentralarchiv in Berlin, especially Frau Wiriadidjaja; Geheimes Staatsarchiv, Dahlem, Berlin, especially Dr Werner Vogel, Dr Letkemann, Frau Kornelia Bobbe, Dr Henning; Berliner Stadtbibliothek, especially Dr Peter Rohrlach; Zentral und Landesbibliothek, Berlin, especially J.A. Straube; Evangelisches Konsistorium, Magdeburg; Landesarchiv, Magdeburg; Stiftung Preußische Schlößer und Gärten, Berlin-Brandenburg, especially Gerd Bartoschek; Brandenburgisches Landeshauptarchiv, Potsdam; Sächsisches Staatsarchiv Leipzig, Abteilung Deutsche Zentralstelle für Genealogie; Deutschbaltische Genealogische Geschellschaft, Darmstadt; Bibliothek der Hansestadt Lübeck; Carl-Schirren-Geschellschaft, Lüneburg; Nordost Bibliothek, Lüneburg; Die Stadtverwaltung, Zerbst; Detlev Engelcke, Haldensleben; Karl Otto Schlau, Winterbach; Deutsches Adelsarchiv, Marburg; Landesarchiv Oranienbaum des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt; Pommische Evangelsiche Kirche, Greifswald; Die Stadt Malchow Archiv, Mecklinburg; Upstalsboom-Gesellschaft für historische Personenforschung u. Bevölker- ungsgeschichte in Ostfriesland, especially Haiko Swart; Schleswig-Holsteinische Landesbibliothek, Kiel; Stadtverwaltung, Die Stadt Zerbst; Kommunalarchiv, Herford, especially I.A. Laue. Landesarchiv Magdeburg; Stadt Malchow Archiv, Mecklenburg; Pommersche Evangelische Kirche, Greifswald; Landeshauptarchiv, Schwerin; Justus Perthes, Gotha, especially Birgit Hill; Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach, especially Dr Tgahrt; Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels, Frankfurt am Main, especially Jürgen Hespe; Several Trenck family members: Ulrike from Hamburg; Andreas from Berlin; Klaus Sandau from Celle; Britta von Münchhausen from Ronnenburg.

(2) Europe—the British Library, London; Günter Brüninghaus, Halikko, Finland; Archiv Panstwowe, Olsztyn, Poland; Lausanne Archiv, Switzerland, especially Marcel Rüegg; Rundales Pils Museum, Latvia, especially Director Imants Lancmanis; Royal National Library of Sweden, Stockholm;

(3) Australia—the State Library of Victoria; Monash University; Melbourne University.


With respect to getting permission to use Copyright material and the identification and finding of photographs I am particularly indebted to: Gerd Bartoschek und Margitta Tretter, Stiftung Preußische Schlößer und Gärten, Berlin-Brandenburg; Dr Josef Riedmaier, Geschäftsführer, Deutscher Verein für Kunstwissenschaft, Berlin; Helga Grunewaldt, Deutscher Kunstverlag, München; Heide Radkowitz, Deutsche Verlags Anstalt, Stuttgart; Deborah Gill, John Murray, London; Sonja Langkafel, die Stadt Herford; Dr Polte, Landeshauptstadt Magdeburg; Renate Köhle, Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbüttel; A. Peters, Fürstlich Salm-Salmsche Verwaltung, Anholt; Julia Hardiman, Archiv für Kunst und Geschichte, London; Annette Otterbach, Bildarchiv Foto, Marburg; Dr Reinhardt, die Stadt Lüneburg; Jürgen Hespe, Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels, Frankfurt am Main; Birgit Hill, Justus Perthes Verlag, Gotha.


I also wish to thank Geoffrey for patiently listening to, and wisely advising me during the last six years of my work on Princess Amalie and Frederick von der Trenck. Special thanks to Andrew Willox for magnificently setting out my work. And to Hans for correcting the grammer in my german translation of this work.

A special thanks to Princess Anna Amalie of Prussia and Baron Frederick von der Trenck. I know they were with me every step of  the way, and they are happy I have been able to set the record straight. It was my great privilege to have been given the time to research both their lives.

Douglas Parker.


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